From the time I was probably ten or eleven til the time I was probably sixteen or eighteen, I had a recurring nightmare, which was: I was in the Parish Hall of my Episcopal Church, and we were all lined up against the wall, and at the very far corner were these men dressed all in black—I couldn’t see their faces, but they were in black and they were intimidating and threatening—and they were taking off everyone’s right hand and replacing it with an electronic hand that would be their new control mechanism. And I would wake up every night from that dream in a cold sweat, panicked. I had it probably fifteen or twenty times. And it wasn’t until probably fifteen years ago that I walked into a coffee shop and I saw everybody staring at their hands and I realized, Oh, they didn’t have to cut off our hands, they just put it in our hands. 

With every technological advance we have to stop and take a minute to determine whether this is gonna be something that makes us more human or less human. And at the moment, this current digital technology is certainly making us less human. 

—T-Bone Burnett, on WTF with Marc Maron, Episode 1007 (April 4, 2019). Quote used by permission.